About Us

New York City is known for all its basketball courts, baseball fields, handball walls and tennis courts. Soccer fields are scarce in the city with the exception of several turf fields that accommodate many sports. Soccer, the worlds most popular sport has seen its growth in popularity in the U.S. and as we have noticed in NYC.

Having a diverse population helps the promotion of the game, meeting people from all walks of life coming together to kick a ball displays the power of the beautiful game. Footy NYC is just another outlet to bring people together to play an organized game. Get your friends together, sign up for a league, reserve a spot for pick-up soccer or help out with some volunteer work in the name of soccer. New to the city? It might be the concrete jungle but the grass is always green when you play soccer. Come connect with fellow footy heads and socialize.

Footy NYC is here to provide the best experience to anyone interested in playing the beautiful game.

Joga Bonito.

σας ευχαριστώ | Gracias | 謝謝 |Merci | شكرا | תודה | dankie| ありがとう | ขอขอบคุณคุณ | THANK YOU


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